Gambling and financial harms: a multi-level approach

Virve Marionneau¹, Janne Nikkinen¹ ¹University of Helsinki   This non-peer reviewed entry is published as part of the Critical Gambling Studies Blog. To cite this blog post: Marionne, V. & Nikkinen, J. (2024). Gambling and financial harms: a multi-level approach. Critical Gambling Studies. https:// . Introduction Gambling is integrally linked to financial problems and harms. In this blog, we discuss the relationship between gambling and financial harm from a multi-level, socio-ecological perspective (cf. Wardle et al., 2018). We argue that gambling and financial harms are linked in a multitude of ways, spanning far beyond the individual experience of debt and financial hardship. Gambling can lead to significant financial losses that have wide-ranging and rapidly emerging negative impacts on individuals and families. Financial harms caused by gambling are also experienced at inter-personal and societal levels. These harms are driven by individual